Dr. Angela Combs

Executive Director

Dr. Combs joins the pivot team with over fifteen years of experience in the education field. She received her Doctorate in Education Leadership and Masters in Administration and Supervision from Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition, she has her undergraduate in Biology, Physics, and Education from Austin Peay State University.

Her doctoral research focused on student transition, motivation, and drop-out prevention. Her dissertation included the difficulties of freshman transition and solutions to ease high school stress. She is an experienced educator teaching all levels and types of learners. She has taught and attended differential instruction conferences that helped her create a toolbox of talents to assist students and parents. She worked as a Tennessee Academic Specialist where she helped write plans to improve school academic performance.

Dr. Combs’s goals include individualizing each student, focusing on their strengths while working on their weakness to create the best possible education plan. She believes that all students can be successful if given the opportunity. She wants to create an environment that reflects one of safety, belonging, acceptance and respect. An environment not just where students feel at home, but one where the student leaves every day with a feeling of accomplishment from the knowledge they have gained.

“If you prepare yourself…you will be able to grasp opportunity for broader experience when it appears.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Nicole Scarpaci

Principal of Pivot Ft. Lauderdale

Nicole Scarpaci transitions to the new role of Principal from her role as Assistant Principal here at Pivot Charter School Fort Lauderdale. Ms. Scarpaci joined Pivot upon their conception in Fort Myers, Florida where she worked as an English teacher. Over the course of her time at Pivot she has grown along with the program, but has kept true to its original message of “providing a meaningful, engaging and personalized experience for each student.”

Ms. Scarpaci attended Florida Gulf Coast University, in Fort Myers, Florida, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree and where she is currently working on her Masters. It is here that she studied Theatre, English and Cultural Diversity, and continues her education by pursuing a degree in Educational Leadership. During her time at Florida Gulf Coast University Nicole was actively involved in their Theatre department where she participated in developing, writing and performing in multiple theatre performances. Nicole continues this passion of writing as she works on completing her second novel.

Growing up Nicole spent a lot of time tutoring and working in a local private school where she learned the technical side of running a school; however, her passion laid in helping the students. She knew at a young age that helping students achieve their dreams and goals was one of the best gifts she could ever have. Ms. Scarpaci values the importance of education, believing that it is the doorway to success regardless of what career path a student chooses. She believes that every student has the capability of achieving their goals, as long as they are willing to work hard to reach them. She believes in the principals of respect, equality and discipline and enacts these lessons with the students in their daily learning environment.

Educational Coordinators

William Pepitone, EC and High School Vice Principal

Joe Caton, EC

Fabienne Louis, EC and Middle School VIce Principal

Ellen Schatz, EC

Darlene Pillsbury, EC

Danielle Flowers, EC


Julie Defalco, BRACE Counselor

Administrative Assistants

Delmy Garcia, Office Manager & Registrar